Custom order guide

Front and back(Embroidery)

1. Pick a picture with 2D dimensions (best option), clear colors and details (try to avoid glow and extremely shiny colors or extremely dark or single-colored pictures).

2.Pick a picture that is more focused on a single or a couple of characters more than the background and color effects.

Full back and full sleeves(Embroidery)
Contact us before placing order for full back or full arm

1.Upload a picture in a high resolution.

2.Choose a picture where a character is in the center (especially for full sleeve option)

3.Choose a picture with very clear colors and details.

4.Avoid glow, extremely shiny colors or extremely dark or single-colored pictures.

*No preview is avaiable for full arms*

    NOTE:  Additional $25 will be charged when you upload a custom image for editing and redesigning 

    ✅Type of pictures can be customixed✅

    1.One or few characters

    2.Clear colors and details

    3.Simple Designs

    ❌Designs which can't be customized❌

    1.Pictures containing Humans

    2.Many characters in single image

    3.Complex designs

    4.Unclear designs

    5.Very detained with too many colors designs

    If you still have any question regarding custom orders then click here to contact us